Torlock FAQ

The Basics
  1. is a torrent search engine and directory.
  2. respects ALL copyrights.
  3. will remove any links at copyright owners request.
  4. Torrent files are simply files with metadata and metadata cannot be copyrighted.
  5. does not host or "make available" any files or torrents no way no how.
  6. The indexing and removal processes are completely automated. does not check it unless something is broken.
  7. wants a professional relationship with copyright owners.
Privacy Policy
  1. does not log.
  2. isn't interested in what you do online.
Takedown Policy
  1. Please provide full torrent URLs; no categories or search queries. Example:
  2. Use your company email. No free mailboxes (AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc)
  3. Please be polite.
  4. Most takedowns are processed in 3 business days.
  5. Google Sample DMCA Notice if you never done this before.
  6. Mail to [email protected]
  7. Please take note that the above email is the only one DMCA requests should be sent to. Sending it to another email will not guarantee removal.
  8. Please limit the amount of URLs per email to 720 URLs.
  • Debian 9.6 "stretch"
  • PHP 7.3.11-exact version hidden due to hackers
  • MariaDB 10.4
  • Memcached
  • nginx/1.17.6
  • Varnish 4
  • Sphinx 3.0.3 (We LOVE Sphinx! Thanks for all the effort put into this amazing software!)
  • Smarty 3.1.33
  1. Tutorial - Now that you've popped your torrent cherry, use this to make your searches fast and effective.
  2. BitTorrent tutorial - If you are new to BitTorrent, the interwebs and tubes read this guide first.
  • [email protected]
  • contact page