SET TV Operator and Manager Must Pay Millions in Piracy Damages


Amazon, Netflix, and several Hollywood studios have added another victory to their legal track record. A federal court in California has granted a default judgment which orders the owner and an employee of the IPTV service Set-TV to pay over $7 million in piracy damages.

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), the anti-piracy alliance featuring several Hollywood studios, Amazon, Netflix and other entertainment outfits, has declared war on pirate streaming services.

The alliance is the driving force behind several lawsuits including the one filed against Florida-based IPTV service SET TV early last year.

At the time, SET TV was a popular software-based IPTV service that was also sold pre-loaded with set-top boxes. While it was marketed as a legal service, ACE members framed it as little more than a pirate tool, allowing ...

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'Pirate' IPTV Reseller Boom Media Wants $250,000 in Donations to Fight Lawsuit


Former 'pirate' IPTV reseller Boom Media is being sued in the US by broadcaster DISH Network. A defeat could cost tens of millions of dollars but that's not all. Boom Media owner John Henderson says what DISH really wants is information on his suppliers and customers, so he want to take the case to trial. To finance that, however, he needs at least $250,000 in donations.

Until recently, Boom Media was one of the most active and recognizable 'pirate' IPTV reseller brands available to the public.

Operating in the United States under the name Boom Media LLC, the company acted as a reseller for IPTV subscription services including MFG TV, Beast TV, Nitro TV, Murica Streams, Epic IPTV, Vader Streams, and OK2.

As reported early November, this attracted the unwanted attention of DISH Network and partner NagraStar, who teamed up to sue Boom Media LLC and son and mother team John and Debra Henderson.

The broadcaster clai...

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Planned .Org Registry Sale Puts The Pirate Bay at Risk


The Internet Society is in the process of selling the Public Interest Registry to private equity firm Ethos Capital. The planned sale has raised widespread concerns over a possible price hike and suspensions of .org domains. This could also be relevant for many pirate sites including The Pirate Bay, which still operates from its original .org domain

There are plenty of options for copyright holders to frustrate the operations of pirate sites, but one of the most effective is to attack their domain names.

In recent years, various entertainment industry groups have called on the domain name industry to help out on this front.

As a result, the MPAA signed a landmark agreement with the Donuts registry under which the movie industry group acts as a "trusted notifier" of "pirate" domains. A similar deal was later announced with the Radix registry.

Not all registrars and registries...

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Court of Appeal Denies Kim Dotcom Access to Illegal Spy Recordings


The New Zealand Court of Appeal has refused to grant Kim Dotcom access to his private communications captured illegally by the country's spy agency. The Court found that while the intercepted communications, which formed part of the Megaupload investigation, are 'relevant', the need to protect national security tips the scales in the state's favor.

In the months leading up to the now infamous raid on Kim Dotcom's New Zealand mansion and his cloud storage site Megaupload, the entrepreneur and his associates were under surveillance.

Between December 2011 and March 2012, New Zealand authorities used the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) spy agency to snoop on the private communications of Kim and former wife Mona Dotcom, plus Megaupload co-defendant Bram van der Kolk.

Since the GCSB is forbidden from conducting surveillance on New Zealand citizens or permanent residents in the country, the spying ...

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Pirate IPTV Services Generate Nearly €1 Billion Per Year, EU Study Shows


New research published by the European Union Intellectual Property Office shows that, in the EU, pirate IPTV services generate close to a billion euros in annual revenue. Illegal IPTV services are most popular in the Netherlands and Sweden, while UK subscribers bring in the most money.

Increasingly, people are canceling their expensive cable subscriptions, opting to use cheaper Internet TV instead.

While there are plenty of legal options available, there's also a broad offer of easy-to-use set-top boxes, sites, and apps that are specifically configured to deliver pirated content.

There are some free alternatives, but high-quality pirate IPTV services are often sold through a monthly or yearly subscription. This has created an industry that's worth a lot of money. According to a new report from the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), nearly...

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Gears Reloaded / OMI IN A HELLCAT IPTV Raid: Eye Witnesses Appear on TV


Last week, the founder of pirate IPTV service Gears Reloaded, known on YouTube as OMI IN A HELLCAT claimed that he'd been raided by the FBI and the IRS who "took everything". Until now, however, we've only had his word for it. That changed during the past few hours when a OMI's neighbors appeared on local TV revealing that they saw the drama unfold.

If US-based anti-piracy groups needed a recognizable local icon to rival the flamboyance of Kim Dotcom, last week they appeared to get one.

Omar Carrasquillo – better known by his YouTube name OMI IN A HELLCAT – is the founder of 'pirate' IPTV service Gears Reloaded. Unlike his counterparts behind similar platforms, however, OMI never hid the fact that he was running one of the most recognizable brands in the business.

OMI's wealth, which included a huge house, the most blingy of jewelry, and a supercar collection to die for, was paraded...

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Telegram Faces Anti-Piracy Referral to US Over Cryptocurrency Plans


Russia-based anti-piracy outfit AZAPI is threatening to report Telegram to United States authorities including the SEC if the platform does not introduce fingerprinting technologies. The association says that a crackdown is necessary because Telegram's blockchain project TON will be used to anonymously monetize the spread of copyrighted content.

Telegram was founded in 2013 by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov, who previously launched Russian social network VK (vKontakte).

The messaging service has grown from strength to strength and currently has around 300 million users. However, Telegram is increasingly associated with the spread of copyright-infringing material, as highlighted in October by the RIAA.

"Telegram offers many user-created channels which are dedicated to the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted recordings, with some channels focused on particular genres or artists," the RIAA wrote ...

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BREIN Wins Court Case Against Prolific Torrent and Usenet Uploader


Acting on behalf of various copyright holders, Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN has won a court case against an uploader at torrent and Usenet sites. The man, who was also a sysop at the sites, must remove his uploads and provide information on any accomplices. According to BREIN, evidence clearly shows that commercial Usenet companies are involved with the operation of pirate sites.

Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN has targeted operators and uploaders of pirate sites for more than a decade.

The group frequently approaches alleged wrongdoers with a proposal to settle the matter privately, but it doesn't shy away from going to court if needed.

This is what happened to a prolific uploader of torrents and Usenet files. The man was connected to Place2home, a piracy community that was dismantled by BREIN last year. At the time, several operators settled the matter privately, but the uploader didn't.

This prompted BREIN to take the...

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Movie Pirate Pleads Guilty, Faces Five Years in Prison, Forfeits Millions of Dollars


A man who ran several US-based 'pirate' websites has pleaded guilty to one count each of criminal copyright infringement and tax evasion. Talon White, 29, faces up to five years in prison and must pay more than $4m in restitution to the MPAA and IRS, while forfeiting around $4.8m in cash, crypto, and property.

In October 2013, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agents received information from PayPal concerning two 'pirate' websites, and

For a fee, the sites allowed subscribers to stream movies and TV shows, which was of particular interest to the MPAA. Their investigation concluded that the platforms distributed works in breach of their members' copyrights.

In July the following year, the MPAA sent a cease-and-desist notice to Noobroom but within days, the site shifted its users to a new site, The MPAA de...

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TekSavvy Appeals First Canadian Pirate Site Blockade


Internet provider TekSavvy has appealed the first Canadian pirate site blocking order. According to the Internet provider, the ruling clearly violates Network Neutrality. If it stands, the open Internet will be undermined to advance the interests of a few powerful media conglomerates, the company says.

Two weeks ago Canada's Federal Court approved the first pirate site blockade in the country.

Following a complaint from major media companies Rogers, Bell and TVA, the Court ordered several major ISPs to block access to domains and IP-addresses of the pirate IPTV service GoldTV.

While the service in question has a relatively modest number of users, the order paves the way for additional site blocking requests that may target traditional pirate sites as well.

This is exactly what major rightsholders have extensively lobbied for in the past. After a r...

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