[PPP-RAW] Hi-Speed Jecy 1-12 (DVD)

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[PPP-RAW] Hi-Speed Jecy 1-12 (DVD)

[PPP-RAW] Hi-Speed Jecy 1-12 (DVD)
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Piyo Piyo Productions presents:
Hi-Speed Jecy (RAW video v2.0) (DVD conversion)

Project notes:
These notes will be short, as I have just woken up after a series of nightmares, partially over anxiety about this very project. Yaaaay.

I have recaptured Hi-Speed Jecy 1-12 directly from my laserdiscs, at an IRE level of 0. I then dumped the raw DV directly to maximum bitrate DVD for long-term preservation. Here it is.

I was asked to redump the video by Orphan Fansubs, who are taking up the frequently-dropped mantle of subtitling this series. I have forwarded the scripts I have on to them, but have lost contact with the translator in the intervening years. You may wish to consult with them if you had thoughts of subtitling this series.

I tried to make some nice x264 conversions, only I couldn't get results I was satisfied with. I will dump some of the raw DV over to Orphan to see if they can do better - I'm just a hack, myself.

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04.iso3.55 GB
05.iso3.55 GB
06.iso3.85 GB
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